McLean-Prof. microfiber floor mop set 40 cm (mop pad + frame + telescopic handle)

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  • Simple and easy way to clean floors with ease
  • A set contains 40 cm mop frame, velcro microfibre mop pad and lightweight aluminium telescopic handle
  • High-quality mop pad has a special texture with stripes  and is suitable to use on all hard surfaces: wood, laminate, glass, metal, ceramic tiles, linoleum, etc
  • For better results, dampen the cloth with a little bit of water 
  • Thanks to special microfibre technology, removes maximum amount of dirt
  • Machine washable at 90° up to 500 times.
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach, wash separately from other textiles or in a separate washing bag
  • Mop frame is made of durable and long lasting light-weight aluminium that has a universal click-lock adaptor
  • Hand-made in Estonia
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