Bosch Arriva 79905 vacuum cleaner dust bag, 5 pcs

SKU: 09/618/79905
EAN: 8710881799055
Unit: pcs.
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  • Unique structure of Kleenair vacuum cleaner bags enables good dust retention, high flitration and longevity. 
  • Suitable for the following vacuum cleaners: SIEMENS: VS04, G500, VS01, Smily, type K, VS01G500, VS01G400, VS01G000, VS01G800 Super X, VS01G999, Super kompakt, Super SX serie,VZ 71AFK, VS04G400, Big Bag 3 ltr, VS01E0000 serie > VS01E999 serie.
  • BOSCH: BSG1000 > BSG1999, BSN0000 > BSN9999, Addition Royal, Arriva serie, BBZ71AFK, BSN1, Edition, Smily, Type K.
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