Clean windows easily with McLean Window Cleaning set

20.03.2018 / 0 comments

McLean-Professional Window cleaning set makes cleaning of windows and other glass surfaces easy, but efficient. The set consists of 2 professional grade microfibre cloths: blue cloth for washing / cleaning and yellow cloth for drying / polishing. 

Spray the windows and frame with clean water. For heavy dirt, use a little bit of neutral cleaning solution. It is best to avoid chemicals as they leave a layer on the windows, which will be hard to remove later and actually attracts dirt, just like a sticker. 


First, use the BLUE dry or damp cloth to clean the windows. Start from the top left and finish at the bottom right corner. This way the dirt does not flow to the clean areas. It is recommended to use the folding instructions of microfibre cloths, in order to use the cloth most efficiently. 



After that, use the same blue cloth to clean the window frame. 



Use the YELLOW cloth to dry and polish the windows. 


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