McLean-Prof. Triple Layer Eraser sponge 2pcs

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  • Triple-layered melamine sponge
  • A new innovative way for removing stubborn stains easily with only sponge and water. 
  • This unique melamine sponge removes quickly and easily dark stripes from the walls and floors, fingerpints and soot marks and other dirt from windows, doors and furniture; as well as soap and water stains from bath, sink and ceramic tiles. 
  • Outer layers are made of strong melamine, inside layer from high density porolone, which enables to retain its shape and moisture, in order to provide excellent cleaning results. 
  • Moisten the sponge with water and start cleaning. 
  • Test first on the back side or bottom corner of the item, in order to avoid possible damage to the material. 
  • Measures 9x7x3cm
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