Smile Supreme Cling film, 70% from sea salt, 29cmx20m, Top Quality

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  • Cling film has excellent adhesive properties and is perfect for wrapping, covering and preserving food.
  • The Supreme cling film is environment-friendly as it consists of sea salt (70 %) and polyethylene (30 %).
  • This unique combination of materials keeps food fresh longer by slowing down soaking and oxidation.
  • The Supreme cling film is perfect for covering foods that have a strong smell as it prevents the dispersion of odour.
  • The recommended temperature range is -60 to +140°C.
  • It can be used in refrigerators, freezers or microwave ovens.
  • Instructions for use in microwave ovens: instead of perforating the cling film leave a small opening at the edge of a dish to allow steam to escape.
  • Avoid contact between the cling film and hot fatty foods.
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